Advice dog is an advice macro (Also regarded as the first ever Advice macro) consisting of a rather innocent-looking dog placed on a multi coloured background. The dog is often captioned with paticulary bad advice.

Advice-Dog Mushrooms


The meme made its debut on the The Mushroom Kingdom forum thread, entitled 'Guide to Kissing'. The topic consisted of someone practicing for a school play, explaining that they need advice for a kissing scene in one part of the play.User TEM posted a reply consisting of the words 'Just do it... man!' accompanied by this picture:

The picture was adored by its viewers, and soon, the thread that was once about kissing advice had now turned into a thread in which people expressed their delight of the image.

Of course, things are not always what they seem, when 4chan users took the image and butchered it into a funny, but menacing context.

The macros grew Immensley popular and many spinoffs have been made, this sparked a new wave of memes known as 'Advice Macros' (Philosiraptor, Y U NO, etc...).

When interviewed, user TEM stated that the original image was of his dog, Boba Fett, with a rather asthetically pleasing smile on its face.



Advice dog3
Advice dog live wires

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