Ah, so you're that guy

'If I was doing x I would do y'

Let me tell ya something, buddie. No one is listening to you. You're doing nada, silch, nothing except sit in your arm chair, vaping and drinking Monster energy drinks with a Cheeto 'stash.

Heres my advice to you:

  1. Take a break from Reddit. You're putting far too much time and effort into accumulating updoots. Heck, take a break from the interwebs completely.
  2. Go read a book. Reading is fantastic mental stimulation (Reddit does NOT count).
  3. Take part in the NoFap challenge. No PMO for 90 days. It has literally changed my life. The. Superpowers. Are. Real.
  4. Meditate. Meditation is as important as oral healthy imho.

Feel free to send me a PM, and if anyone else is reading this wants some advice or simply to shoot the breeze, I'm here all evening ☺️