He was born with a gift. Son you were born with a special power, now grow to be purple and despise me forever! Psh, nothin’ personnel kid. Coldsteel. The hedgeheg. He was the best there was and he was ready to prove it. Wow Coldsteel, you’re the strongest fighter in the entire Sonic Fighting Academy. I’m putting in a recommendation that you be enlisted in the Sonic Military. Psh, nothin’ personnel kid. It would turn out to be his undoing. In this final battel, I, Shadow the Hedgehog, will turn you towards the darkness and make you like Nine Inch Nails the band and Jnco Jeans. Psh. Nothin’ personnel kid. Which would spell the end for Sonic. Woooaaahhh!! Ahuuuuuh, nothin’ personal kid! Coldsteel. The Hedgeheg. Rated E for Everyone except for Kevin Robinson from school. Fuck you Kevin. Stop showing everybody my deviantArt you piece of shit.