That is why Peta (Who I shall call Poota) should leave the VG market alone, why they should leave the nerd and geek culture alone. Poota doesn't really realize that we gamers, geeks and nerds don't care about them that much. However, when they take a stab at our beloved games/franchises, we retaliate in hilarious ways. We don't lose to people who want to end what we love. We joke, we smack talk, but once someone gets in the way of our way us geeking/nerding out, we all band together to retaliate in the only way we know how, by showing our devotion to our cultures. We all are different, but the geeks gaming and nerd culture are all together as fans of things geeky/nerdy and we fight for what we believe in. We don't lose to people who try and make the stupid decisions of ending our fun. This geek culture includes people from around the world, and once you get on our bad side, even God could not and will not help you. The Westboro Baptist Church is an example of this.