Try that on me. I'm technically a Millennial and I fucking hate my generation.

I don't think I would say they "need safe spaces". There is a sentiment of truth there but that isn't the proper phrasing I would use. Rather, I think Millennials are a consequence of the internet evolving to allow them 'safe spaces' without them even being aware of it.

It's a what-came-first situation. Millennials aren't in safe space because they're a bunch of wimpy crying whining entitled shiftless morons. They're wimpy crying whining entitled shiftless morons because they've grown up in safe spaces.

The internet used to be a lot more laissez-faire. There was no such thing as social media (I mean... Xynga I guess?) so you couldn't so easily "curate" your exposure to contrasting opinions. The internet was centered around 'mega communities' like Something Awful, Newgrounds, etc.

Now, not only is every popular thing on the internet specifically designed around "curated experiences", but frankly it seems like every fucking place you go on the internet, it's now extremely commonplace to cry to every authority figure to try to get people banned for absurd reasons, so you can permanently remove your exposure to 'wrong' opinions.

Reddit and Facebook are the best examples of this. Hate conservatives? Facebook will make sure you have nothing but an endless stream of insane propaganda flowing into your empty head, turning you into a screaming, gibbering hate-engine who can only communicate in talking points that were spoon fed to you. Are you a fucking moonbat? Don't worry, unsubscribe from everything except /r/incels and /r/conspiracy and further reinforce what a giant piece of shit you are.

Reddit even comes with a feature that lets you censure viewpoints you deem "wrong", and the behaviors of these vile shits is so predictable, I'm under absolutely no allusions as to what their reaction to this post is going to be. I'll even downvote my own post to make it easier for you crying little fucks.