My name is Christopher Awrahim. I was only 9 yesrs old. Rugrats is my favorite TV show. My favorite character in Rugrats is Lil. Every night I say "Lil is Love. Lil is Life" My mom hears that and calls me an idiot. She was just jealous to my devotion to Lil so K called her an idiot too and she send me to my room but guess what's just behind me, it's Lil! I grabbed her with my hands and she says "My name is Lil and I like worms" and I put her in the floor but she know what to do, she pees on me. Grow, isn't it but ai just wanted to please all, then Mom comes to my room and Lil says "My name is Lil and I like worms" and she teleports to her house.

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I was originally going to put this on Creepy Pasta and I once did it but due to the fact that it won't let me save, I did it in Copy Pasta. Maybe in the sequel, I will do it on Creepy Pasta (if it would let me save it that is)