Le fedora face

My face when I get drunk from Bud Light.

>be 16

>go to a party

>the host of the party (girl) is being an asshole to me

>get pissed off and decide to leave

>be so mad and drunk from Bud Light that decide to steal her white iPhone from the ground before leaving

>don't realize it's connected to a stereo that is playing the loud music 

>it's so dark that I barely see it on the ground

>rip it off

>music stops

>everyone is wtf

>someone turns on the lights

>I literally freeze

>for couple of seconds I'm in a position where I am putting the iPhone in my backpack

>everyone looks at me angry

>get thrown out of the party by some bodybuilder alpha

>be at party having fun

>music stops

>lights turn on

>weird kid is stealing iphone

>be lights

>hear music stop

>get turned on

>faggot stealing phone

>be 16

>be my party

>drunk asshole acting up

>berate him

>asshole tries to leave and steal my iphone

>never inviting beta fags again

>be stereo cord 3.5mm jack

>some asshole pulls my cord and yanks me out of the iPhone I'm in

>now I'm cold

>fuck that guy

>enjoying party I provided

>some dude picks me up

>woah man im not gay

>pulls on me

>everything grows silent

>lights go on

>almost get put in a sack

> Be Bud Light

> bought for a party of lightweight teens

> asshole manages to get drunk off me

> Youflamingfaggot.bmp

> feel like fucking with him

> Jack him up and make him steal an Iphone

> Connected to the stereo

> He pulls it out, music stops, lights on.

> Faggot's holding the iphone while everyone admires his fedora.

> Get puked into a toilet later that night

> faggot.

>be alpha bodybuider

>be bouncer for party

>the host is being an ass to this guy

>guy tries to steal iphone

>iphone belongs to host

>throw him out

>be bag

>cool ass party, got to meet a lot of people because owner kept turning his back to them

>faggot decides to leave

>decides to take the iphone of the host

>nigger didn't see it was jacked into the speakers

>oh boy dis gun be good

>faggot actually rips off the jack

>holy fuck nigger tries to put the iphone in me

>light gets turned on

>everyone looking at me

>not cool man, not cool

>Be host of party

>Buy cartons of bud light for party so fags dont drink my good stuff

>Asshole trying to chat me up and get more alcohol

>Tell him to fuck off

>Music stops moments later


>Asshole from earlier trying to make off with my iPhone

>Get uncle to throw him out

>be import china

>invite to party

>3 gongs later and all beer is gone

>retard boy get discipline yellings

>he use evil power and steal music

>everybody watch boy holding calculator

>i take weed while everyone look away

>Be dark

>at a party enjoying the chill vibe

>everything's cool until some faggot turns off the music

>Get replaced by some shitty lights


>be alpha party at bodybuilder

>kid steals phone

>trow him out

>get head from gurl

>be faggot

>go to a fag party

>the host of the party is being a faggot to me

>get queer and decide to rave

>be so gay and drunk from Bud Light that decide to blow him before leaving

>don't realize it's connected to ballsack 

>it's so small that I barely see it

>suck it off

>music stops

>everyone is gay

>someone turns on the lights

>I literally cum

>for couple of seconds I'm in a position where I am putting the cock in my ass

>everyone looks at me gay

>get blown by some bodybuilder faggot

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