Don’t act too intent. You barely know me. But I like the artistic quality of perfection here. Too much to get lost in. I don’t know one word of where you’re from or if this is really you, I just saw a post and decided I liked it and I was inclined to click on it. The kind of thread that deserves attention. Mostly the subject, subject of hypnotic gaze. Too scary to look at, too beautiful to look away. The piece of art that inspires the genius, the kind that can’t shut up. The kind that lingered another second just because he’s human. The kind that should have shut up ten sentences ago, but also the most honest and innocent kind. I’m glad the universe exists because in the midst of all this chaos, there is complete and utter symmetry. Just know that I am happy and I hope you are too.

*shrugs* I should have went to sleep hours ago. =P