Hello Shinger, I am going to read to you spiders on the wall. For Louise, the wall behind her home wasn’t just another wall or like or a wall like all the others. Every afternoon after finishing her homework, her mother let hi-her let her go out for a while before dinner. The wall was uh eugh inner courtyard of the built-building. No cars went by the children of the neighborhood always played there. But strangely enough, Louise didn’t spend her time skipping … playing ball or any of the other games other children play for hours on end. She spent a long time sitting on the floor. Her best friends imagining that she was so she was busy thinking about her own things didn’t want to interrupt her. Almost at the same time a perfectly arranged line of spiders appeared from the flower pot that decorated the wall. There were 5 spiders of the kind … th-t-that have such long thin legs. That they seem have been drawn an-and that they ter-there aren’t real spiders at all. Louise spoke to them and had feeling that they understood her so one day she decided to teach the uh spiders the a dance. she had invented especially for them. The most surprising thing about this is that after a while, they knew the dance perfectly well. And that is all i am going to read you today. Bye bye.

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