The Boxxy flamewar was a huge flamewar that took place on 4chan and 7chan in mid 2009. It was fought between the Haters and lovers of internet VideoBlogger, Boxxy.


Operation Valkyrie - Boxxy Haters, Victorious.

C.B.C.R. (Center for Boxxy Control Restriction) - Boxxy Lovers, Defeated.


Boxxy was a video blogger that had mixed opinions on her personality and videos. Shortly after her first video was posted, Boxxy lovers started spamming the image boards of 7chan and eventually the boards of 4Chan. The Boxxy haters were outraged by this constant spamming and started Operation Valkyrie (based on the german operation of the same name), they focused on hacking into Boxxy's account(s) and trying to shut them down, meanwhile, the Boxxy lovers created the C.B.C.R. and aimed on creating fake accounts to make Operation Valkyrie's job much harder. This Flamewar built up to the point where 4Chan was temporarily down due to traffic.

Eventually, Operation Valkyrie suceeded in their goal to bring down her original account.

There are still some Boxxy threads on 4Chan, but these are often disregarded by the rest of the internet.