Please, the Internet, is not a war zone (same goes with XXX) where people fight/threaten/insult/dislike/hate each other in a barbaric rage all because of a random amount of reasons, the Internet is a place where you surf around, researching about various kinds of content/media that interests you, buy groceries from a website that a supermarket has without driving to it yourself, share online content with one another, becoming friends with people, watch videos that are uploaded by a massive amount of users worldwide, or whatever.

Besides the point, the Internet is supposed to be a friendly and a sociable environment, but a certain select amount of people, are just smashing it to pieces with their iron fist themselves, and they will always rinse and repeat those actions exactly. Not only that, but I was just helping you. Not angry nor even blaming you, just explaining my own view of perspective on how it all should be. I'm not taking anybody's side. Although I don't want to say it, but I'm guess you'd have to apologize.

There is some words that I'm afraid you should listen too, please. Thanks.