In the 1996 kids television series "Arthur", all characters are talking animals of various types, even those that normally prey on eachother, and all get along peacefully. However, it's implied by characters Sue Ellen, Francine, and Muffy going vegetarian in Season 16 Episode 9, "Sue Ellen Veggies Out" that meat is commonly eaten by Arthur and co. So then, who are they eating?? Their friends? A slave race? I see a very similar problem in the kid's tv show, Spongebob. This is often a very widely debated and quite controversial topic. It goes as follows: what exactly is the meat that goes into the krabby patties? is Mr. Krabs the last surviving member of the race of crabs that secretly are the main ingredient for the famed krabby patty. what makes this so sickeningly ironic is the fact that Mr. Krabs is getting rich off of the carcasses of his best friends and family. I am deeply disturbed by this, as we all should be. this brings up some alternate, yet similar questions such as: are the citizens in on this? do they know that they are all secretly cannibals? Do they aknowledge the fact that they are all helping to wipe out a completely innocent race and commit genocide? This is where we start to see some parallels. Yes, I do indeed think that Mr. Krabs is the reincarnated form of Hitler. the similarities are quite astounding. Mr. Krabs is slowly brainwashing the citizens of bikini bottom into supporting his reign with propoganda. Yet, He is also bringing the county to prosperity and wealth, just like Hitler. Unfortunately, He keeps most of the money for Himself, which is where we see the greed taking control. Money changes people. and I believe that is the true message of Spongebob... Money brings power. Power brings fame. fame brings change. money=the root of all evil, ie:change=evil. The society of Bikini Bottom wants to stay traditional and opposes change. That's exactly why they follow Mr Krabs, to stay with "norm". see it all makes sense now, doesn't it?