This copypasta was written by a very angry FlameHeadSavvy

The pastaEdit

"Just kill yourself!

Oh you just fucking didn't.

You just didn't fucking tell someone to kill themselves.

Strap in because I'm about to ride your ass to heaven, hell, purgatory, and back.

Suicide is a very real thing. Telling someone to end their lives is a potential crime. No, seriously. If this person did end their life, you'd be in prison for inciting someone's death. For murder. Clearly you're a piece of shit swimming around in a bag of douche so you don't give a fuck.

Well let me fucking tell you, son. The moment you're so damn butthurt about a goddamn children's cartoon that you tell someone to end their own fucking life, you cross the fucking line. This is the problem with trolls these days. They've forgotten that keeping classy is part of how it's done. Nope.

Let's act like complete asshats and potentially incite murder because I think I can get away with it on the internet (so maybe troll-sempai will notice meBrawlyoshi63 (talk))


Just fuck you. Get the fuck off this site. You're probably going to get banned soon, and thank fuck because I will ride you every damn day and you will become my verbal bitch until you get the sweet release of being banned from this site. You think blocking me could save you? You're fucking wrong. Even if I can't wreck you with my words, I'll wreck you with every skill I have, every piece of knowledge I have with this website. Have fun, m'lady