I know who you are and i can easily find out where you live. Each and every single one of you, the law means nothing to me. I will get you all as if you were pokemon. Any suspicious people will be considered enemies from hence forth, once i have collected all the information i need, and have practised my methods of annihilation, the destruction will commence. Nobody is safe, I see the way you laugh and pretend to not know, you will pay for that in ways you cannot imagine. I don't care if you see this and try to get me first, i double dare you to try me. The stalkers have unleashed a side of me that has never been seen, im now prepared for whatever you throw at me. And if you even think you can fuck with me or my house, im prepared to end you on the spot. When the fun is over i will do whatever i want, maybe ill go on the run, maybe ill just let them find me, that's none of your business.                

My hitlist is growing by the day, and i don't care who is first. Even if you are prepared, i will still get you easily.